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Skilled workers are always of interest to employers – expert

Робітничі кваліфіковані професії завжди цікаві роботодавцям - експерт

Skilled workers are always of interest to employers, especially in times of war, when the Ukrainian labor market is short of hands.

As Ukrinform reports, this opinion was expressed on Ukrainian Radio by the founder of the Borsch recruiting agency, labor market expert Sergei Marchenko.

According to him, in the conditions of the war unleashed by Russia, the Ukrainian labor market does not have enough workers. In particular, there is a very high demand for drivers.

“There is a serious shortage of drivers. There are fewer maritime logistics; all logistics are carried out on roads. Therefore, there is a very high demand for drivers, including in the army. It has always been difficult with blue-collar professions. And skilled workers have always been of interest to employers,” said Marchenko .

In war conditions, there is a problem of providing the army with working specialties. In this regard, the expert noted that one of the largest job search sites, Work.ua, has a section with army specialties and vacancies.

“It’s no secret that many avoid mobilization because they are afraid of getting into the attack aircraft at zero level.” On job search sites it is possible to find a job in the army according to your specialty. If you are an electrician or a car mechanic, you can repair tanks or other equipment and benefit the army “- said the specialist.

He emphasized that in any crisis, IT specialists always work: “This is one of the most desirable jobs, since salaries in this industry are much higher. Beginners earn from 40 thousand hryvnia, and specialists – up to 5 thousand dollars. There is always work,” – noted the expert.

Marchenko also noted that work opportunities for people with disabilities are changing. “There are not enough people in the labor market, so the demand for work for people with disabilities is also growing. Moreover, according to our legislation, companies are obliged to employ such people. Unfortunately, now the number of people with disabilities is rapidly increasing due to the war. The state is standing before the call, because they really need special employment programs,” the expert noted

In response to the question of how the mobilization strengthening announced next year will affect the labor market, Marchenko said: “Negatively, and this is expected. There is already a shortage of people in the labor market. Another large part of the labor market will be lost. They are talking about half a million people , which can be mobilized within a year. This is a fairly significant figure for our labor market.

The expert also noted the current increase in demand for workers from employers.

“Unemployment is decreasing because we have fewer people, many mobilized. There are data from the Pension Fund on the number of people who pay taxes. And these data are very dramatic. In 2021, almost 10 million people paid payroll taxes, and now the number of payers taxes fell to 7.5 million. Almost 25% of taxpayers are not present in the legal economy,” Marchenko noted.

As reported, according to a study conducted by the personnel portal Work.ua, in November 2023 the number of job offers on the market decreased by 3% compared to October.


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