• 20/02/2024 16:37

Germany blocked Russian assets worth more than 4 billion euros

Russian assets worth more than 4 billion euros are blocked in Germany. Such data was presented at a briefing by a representative of the press service of the German Ministry of Finance Nojinan Niminde-Dundadengar, Ukrinform reports.

Russian assets worth more than 4 billion euros are blocked in Germany.

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“In Germany, in connection with the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, as of early December, assets worth about 4.1 billion euros have been authorized,” he informed .

A representative of the department explained that this is “frozen money, economic resources of individuals, blocked money of the Russian Central Bank.”

German Foreign Ministry Speaker Christian Wagner, in turn, recalled the G7 decision, when its participants agreed to “make efforts and ensure that Russia pays for the restoration of Ukraine in the long term,” for which it was decided to freeze Russian state assets in accordance with the legal systems of the states -participants. For this purpose, a register of damage caused during the aggression was also started, which Wagner called an important step.

Effectiveness of sanctions

In In general, sanctions against the aggressor country are considered very effective in Berlin. According to the representative of the German Ministry of Economy Robert Severin, one should not forget that the sanctions are very diverse, many of them act indirectly, therefore, they should not be underestimated.

He also recalled that the 12th sanctions package was recently approved, and assured that “there will be further packages, that the system will be expanded and developed, the shortcomings and opportunities to circumvent sanctions will be identified and covered.”

“Sanctions are a complex system that operates in its own complex,” he added.


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