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Kyivstar responded to the SBU statement about the presence of hackers in the system

Mobile operator Kyivstar does not confirm the information about the many months of hackers inside the company’s access to personal data of subscribers and their leakage. Company representative Irina Lelichenko reported this on Facebook.

Kyivstar responded to the SBU statement about the presence of hackers in the system

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“The official investigation into the cyber attack on the Kyivstar network, which occurred on December 12, 2023, continues and different versions are being considered and voiced, but until the official completion of the investigation, none of them can be considered final. All information about the progress of the cyber-attack investigation is available on the official website of the SBU, which is directly involved in this process.

No facts of leakage of personal data of subscribers were discovered during the investigation,” Lelichenko said.

According to her, the Kyivstar network is now operating as usual and provides subscribers with all the basic basic services.

Kyivstar has already applied additional measures for cyber protection, in particular, access control has been strengthened, additional control systems for servers and workstations have been introduced, and the following steps are planned to strengthen cyber security,” the company added.


Earlier, the head of the Cybersecurity Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ilya Vityuk, said in an interview with Reuters that Russian hackers penetrated the system of the Ukrainian telecommunications operator Kyivstar at least in May last year, although a large-scale attack occurred on December 12.

12 December, a large-scale cyber attack was carried out on Kyivstar. According to the company's CEO, hackers destroyed part of the IT infrastructure. On the morning of December 13, the network had not resumed operation. At the same time, company representative Irina Lelichenko noted that Kyivstar plans to complete work on the resumption of services on Wednesday.

Also, the Ministry of Finance previously wrote that Kyivstar has partially restored fixed-line communications.

Hackers working for Russia took responsibility for the cyber attack on the operator. In their Telegram channel, they posted several screenshots allegedly proving their involvement in the crime.

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