• 29/02/2024 06:49

A new “Silpo” in the style of a stock exchange was opened in the Kyiv region

In Vyshneve, not far from Kyiv, a new “Silpo” in the style of a stock exchange was opened at the end of the year. The company's designers combined in the store's design two eras of the development of stock trading, from paper to digital with computers and cryptocurrencies. This was reported by the supermarket's press service.

A new

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Columns in the store are decorated in the form of skyscrapers with trading posters, and navigation arrows with street names indicate the path to the goods.

Above the culinary island there is the “heart of the exchange” – a digital board on which encrypted quotes of trademarks are broadcast.

And the pulse of the exchange is made in the form of a “candlestick” chart. Illustrations on the wallpaper tell about the busy life of traders, and in the alcohol department area you can see old photographs of brokers and trading. Also, the store has not forgotten the symbols of the stock exchange – the bear and the bull.

The new store is located on Evropeyskaya Street, 30, and this is the first “Silpo” in Vyshneve.


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