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Ukrainians complain about unreasonable debts for electricity

After the announcement of the shutdowns, Ukrainians began to complain about
unfounded debts for electricity issued by Yasno. Consumers criticized the work of the energy company Yasno after a statement by its CEO Sergei Kovalenko about power outages for debtors on his Facebook page.

Ukrainians complain about unreasonable debts for electricity

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< p>Kovalenko said that power cuts to customers with
debts will begin from the end of January. The day before, 10 days in advance, the company
promised to send preliminary warnings.

In response, consumers began to visit Sergei Kovalenko’s page one after another
report additions to invoices sent by Yasno and report unfounded debts that could not have arisen among people. Some are serving at the front, some have gone abroad.

What Ukrainians write

“Please explain to me, as a serviceman who has been in the east for more than a year without a sortie and has apartment in Kyiv. And so I receive messages about a debt of 300 hryvnia and it is somehow miraculously accrued every month, although no one lives or uses electricity.

Question: why don’t I cry? But it’s tough, once every six months I’m at home in Kyiv,
I take readings and enter them through my account and pay. But how to do this when you are somewhere near Avdiivka, then near Bakhmut, then near Liman… And then I have to come home and decide and pay for the connection???” Leonard Grigoriev was indignant.

No one lived in the apartment, but the debts were growing

Alla Karlyuk reported on a similar situation: the family moved out, no electricity was consumed, but Yasno issued large bills and accrued debts:

“My family and I have been abroad since February 22. In fact, only the refrigerator is included in the apartment. Over the course of two years, they lived in it for perhaps a month. I sent monthly readings and paid the bill whenever possible. Yesterday it turned out:

1. That the indicators were not accepted. Why didn’t I receive any message about this?

2. They drew me some strange indicators as of January 1, 24 in the amount of 540 kilowatts, which I did not send.

3. And suddenly it turned out that I have some kind of fantastic debt for me! Where does it come from? And what should I do about it? Leave an 8-year-old child in Belgium and go to Kyiv to the Yasno company?! Are you serious?”

During further communication, Alla also reported the lack of feedback from Yasno and the reluctance to help clients in a difficult situation. Alla Novikova also wrote about the same problem – Yasno issues an incomprehensible debt and there is no response from the company when clarifying the situation.

“The system itself attributed a debt of 2500 kW to 7000 UAH. Now they will also turn it off? I don’t have the money to pay Yasno in advance for a couple of years of use, because I am seriously ill and cannot I’m working. The requests give nothing, they accept the application, there is no answer,” she said.

Sergei Kovalenko did not explain why consumers should pay for unconsumed electricity in advance (why they are given an invoice with
an advance payment requirement ) and where do large debts arise for people who have left and do not consume anything at all.


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