• 25/02/2024 14:30

More than 48 billion have already been allocated for pension payments in Ukraine – PFU

As of January 19, the Pension Fund of Ukraine allocated UAH 48.1 billion for pension payments. This is reported by the Government Portal.

In Ukraine, more than 48 billion - pension funds have already been allocated for pension payments

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As of January 19, the following has been financed:

    for pension payments – 48.1 billion UAH, including through Ukrposhta – 9 billion UAH, through authorized banks – 39 .1 billion UAH; for the payment of housing subsidies and benefits – UAH 4,681.4 million; for insurance payments – UAH 1,992.4 million, including for sick leave payments – UAH 904.4 million.

It is also noted that in January 749 thousand services were provided to persons who applied to the Pension Fund authorities.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that at the beginning of 2024 In 2018, more than 10 million pensioners were registered in Ukraine, 51% of them receive pensions of less than 4,000 UAH.


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