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Most Czechs did not want to give up the crown for the euro – study

Two-thirds of Czechs (68%) do not consider it beneficial for the Czech Republic to abandon the crown and switch to the euro; 21% of respondents expressed the opposite point of view, according to a study by the Median agency, reports iRozhlas.

Most Czechs did not want to give up the crown for the euro — study

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Survey results

Another 11% of respondents were undecided on their opinion.

The researchers also asked whether the Czechs would like to hold a referendum on the issue of transition to the euro – 60% answered in the affirmative, 35% did not like the idea, another 5% answered couldn't.

Skepticism may be caused by concerns about rising prices, suggests one of the study’s authors, Ivan Zucker. According to him, students (45%), as well as businessmen (40%) most often speak about the benefits of the introduction of the euro.

Transition to the euro

Discussions in the Czech Republic about the transition to the euro resumed after the New Year's address of President Peter Pavel, who supported the abandonment of the crown. “The time has come, years from now, to start taking concrete steps that will lead us to fulfill this commitment,” the Czech President called and called the single European currency the “logical future” for the country’s export-oriented economy.

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However, the Czech Ministry of Finance does not see the point in transferring the country to the euro zone, since the economy does not yet meet any of the criteria.

Survey methodology

The survey took place on January 11-12, 1 thousand people took part in it.


The European Union includes 27 countries, but Only 20 of them introduced the euro. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden have not switched to a common European currency.

All of them, except Denmark, are required to join the eurozone as soon as they meet the euro convergence criteria (“Maastricht criteria”) . Entering the eurozone, countries transfer to the European Central Bank (ECB) all powers in the field of monetary policy, including decisions on the size of the issue and the key interest rate.

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