• 26/02/2024 21:36

The EU is going to extend temporary protection for Ukrainians after March 2025

The European Union and all its members remain in solidarity with Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression and are ready, if necessary, to continue temporary protection measures for Ukrainians in EU territory after March 2025, when the Temporary Protection Directive ends. Ukrinform writes about this with a link to the Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration E S Nicole De Moor (Belgium).

The EU is going to extend the temporary protection of Ukrainians after March 2025

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She noted that European ministers today confirmed their solidarity and their obligations to Ukraine and agreed on the need to harmonize legislation in this area.

In turn, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Jlva Johansson (Sweden) During the press conference, she noted that at present the European Commission has not proposed any decisions on EU actions after March 2025, and will seek a common platform for such proposals together with Ukraine and the member states.

We would like to remind you that After the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the European Union activated the so-called EU Temporary Protection Directive, which gave refugees from Ukraine, mainly women and children, the right to legally stay in the territory of EU countries and benefit from basic social protection, including the right to residence, health care, education and employment. The validity of this Directive was extended until March 2025.

According to official statistics, more than 4 million Ukrainians took advantage of temporary protection in the territory of EU countries.


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