• 25/02/2024 16:42

Putin is sending secret signals to the US to end the war – Bloomberg

Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending tacit signals that he is allegedly ready to negotiate and may even concede some of his demands. Bloomberg writes about this with a link to sources.

Putin sends secret signals to the US to end the war — Bloomberg

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As reported by the publication , Putin allegedly transmitted such a signal through indirect channels through an intermediary to the United States at the end of December. Then the New York Times wrote about this.

The Russian President is probably ready to abandon his demand for Ukraine’s neutrality and even allows our state to join NATO, which was one of the main motives for starting a full-scale war.

Putin, according to Bloomberg, will demand that the occupied territories of Ukraine remain part of Russia.

American politicians are skeptical about this information, because they do not believe in the sincerity of Putin’s proposals and believe that he is only wants to undermine the support of Ukraine in the West through diplomatic means.

The publication also notes that such a “peace” proposal will not suit Ukraine, which insists on the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from all occupied territories, including Crimea.

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