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Ukrainians increased non-cash spending on goods and services by 40% – Privatbank

In 2023, through Privatbank’s network of trading terminals, Ukrainians made almost 3 billion purchases worth UAH 780 billion, which is more than 40% more than at the end of 2022 (UAH 550 billion). This was reported by the press service of Privatbank.

Ukrainians increased non-cash spending on goods and services by 40% — Privatbank

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Number of merchants accepting cards through Privatbank terminals increased by 38% – to 182 thousand. In total, the retail network now operates more than 288 thousand Privatbank terminals, which is 30% more than in 2022.

What did they spend the most money on?

In 2023, Ukrainians spent the most money on food purchases – more than UAH 350 billion, while the share of expenses on food in the total volume of non-cash payments by Ukrainians over the year decreased from 48% to 45%.

Share of expenses from cards for the purchase of medicines and health products in 2023 in the Ukrainian consumer basket amounted to 8.5%. Ukrainians spent a little less – 8.1% of the total volume on clothing and footwear, 7.2% on household goods and 7.2% on payments for public catering.

In the top 10 goods and services , for which Ukrainians paid more non-cash, also electronics and household appliances (5% of the consumer basket), fuel (4.2%), expenses for transport (1.5%), recreation (1.4%) and accessories (1. 2%).

“Every day, bank card holders pay for about 8 million purchases through Privatbank’s network of POS terminals,” the message says.

Ukrainians increased non-cash expenses on goods and services by 40% - Privatbank


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