• 24/02/2024 18:27

NBU reduced foreign currency sales by half over the week

Net sales of dollars by the National Bank for the current week decreased to $223.9 million from $420.8 million a week earlier. This is evidenced by the regulator's data, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

The NBU reduced the sale of foreign currency by half over the week

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In particular, this week the NBU purchased $15.1 million on the market, which was the best result since June last year.

Foreign currency purchases by bank clients grew from $229.84 million on Monday to $231 10 million on Tuesday, after which it dropped to $199.35 million on Wednesday.

How the exchange rate changed

Over the current week, the hryvnia has strengthened by 0.6%, or by 22 kopecks, to 37.5698 UAH/$1, and since the beginning of the year – by 1.14%, or by 44 kopecks. After the liberalization of the exchange rate on October 3, 2023, the national currency weakened by 2.7% or 1 UAH.

At the same time, on the cash market on Friday the national currency increased by 0.2% or 8 kopecks – to 38.10 UAH /$1.

As reported, at the end of January, the NBU’s net sales decreased to $2.53 billion from $3.55 in December, $2.45 billion in November and $3.34 billion in October.

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