• 27/02/2024 18:01

Autogas continues to fall in price: prices fell by 50 kopecks

Prices for autogas in gas station networks have dropped sharply by another 50 kopecks per liter. During the week from February 5 to February 9, the average cost of liquefied gas in retail decreased by 52 kopecks, to 26.78 UAH/l. This is reported by enkorr with a link to market price monitoring data from the A-95 Consulting Group.

Autogas continues to fall in price: prices fell by 50 kopecks

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< p>On average, gas fell the most in the UPG network – by 1.31 UAH/l, to 26.71 UAH/l, the least in the AMIS network – by 9 kopecks, to 26.23 UAH/l.

The highest price of fuel was recorded at the Mango gas station in the Donetsk region (30.49 UAH/l), the lowest – at the Marshal gas station in the Zhytomyr region (24.5 UAH/l).

On this week, a noticeable reduction in gas prices was recorded in large fuel networks, where the cost of the resource was within 29 UAH/l, while in others it was below 28 UAH/l.

OKKO and WOG dropped 1 UAH each, now autogas is sold there at 28.14 UAH/l and 28.11 UAH/l, respectively.

Some networks responded to the increase in the cost of the resource at the auction on February 7 due to the rise in gas prices at filling stations. The price at VostokGaz increased by 20 kopecks, at Mango – by 6 kopecks.

The difference between gas prices in the premium segment and in discount networks is on average 2.75 UAH/l. At the same time, generous marketing campaigns for gas networks are not yet used.


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