• 22/02/2024 18:18

Google renamed AI chatbot Bard to Gemini and launched a paid subscription

Google has unveiled an update to its Bard AI chatbot, now called Gemini, as part of Google's family of AI models. In addition, the company announced the launch of a subscription with access to the Gemini Ultra SHI model for $20 per month, the free option works on the Gemini Pro model. This was reported by the company's press service.

Google renamed the AI ​​chatbot Bard to Gemini and launched a paid subscription

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For access The company has added a new Google One subscription level, AI Premium, to its largest HI model Gemini Ultra. In particular, it will allow the use of AI in “Documents”, “Sheets”, “Calendars” and other office services, and also provides an additional 2 TVs of memory in the storage.

A separate Gemini application has been released for Android. It can be set as the default smart assistant, replacing Google Assistant. At the same time, iOS users will have access to AI features in the standard Google app.

Gemini for iOS and Android is currently available in the US and only in English. Starting next week, the geography of availability will gradually expand. As well as the list of supported languages, Japanese and Korean are announced at the first stage.


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