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When does the Russian Federation want to start peace negotiations: the source said with whom the Kremlin is already in dialogue

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This information was reported by Donpress, reports URA-Inform. p>

It is noted that the Kremlin wants to arrange negotiations for the presidential elections in Russia. Citing sources in the Russian presidential administration, the public claims that Russian elites hope to hold the first rounds of negotiations between Moscow and Kiev as early as February 2024.

According to the resource, proposals are currently being actively discussed, some of which have already been voiced by President Vladimir Putin. Unofficially, there have been signals of readiness to cease hostilities on the current borders, and the Russian side has repeatedly expressed the idea of ​​​​a non-aligned status for Ukraine and carrying out denazification in the territories controlled by Kiev.

According to the source, there is hope for taking the first steps in this direction even before the elections. Negotiations are currently underway with third countries that can act as mediators in this process.

Sources also indicate that the main reason for this activity was preparation for a large-scale mobilization in Ukraine, presumably in the amount of 450-500 thousand men in over the next year. According to the telegram channel, an increase in the size of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by 1.5 times, in combination with the supply of Western weapons, can change the situation on the battlefield.

Recall that Russian troops captured positions in Zaporozhye, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured in summer, – ISW.

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