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Alien mummies discovered in Egypt: what they look like (photo)

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About this information was reported by T4, URA-Inform reports.  

Popular German ufologist Marcel Stephan said that mummies of aliens were discovered in Egypt. He spoke in detail about one of the finds of professional archaeologists in Egypt.

They found mummies that did not look like people: both the shape of the skull and facial features were strikingly different. As Stefan explains, the appearance of the inhabitants of the Egyptian tomb is more similar to the appearance of humanoids from science fiction films.

The main feature: the heads of mummies, which have a strange and unnatural elongated shape. The ufologist is convinced that the find will be clear evidence of the still shaky theory about the visit of the Earth in ancient times by representatives of higher civilizations.

However,  other researchers advise not to rush to conclusions until the remains of those buried in the form of mummies have been carefully studied. In particular, experts are conducting in-depth examinations using the most modern techniques and instruments to understand how the bodies received deformation of the tissues and bones of the skull.

Experts hope that additional searches will reveal the secrets of the origin of the mummies, so similar to aliens . In any case, they will become a new page in the science of human history.

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