• 02/03/2024 16:05

Harvard scientist revealed the secret of true happiness: the professor told how to get results

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About This information was reported by T4, URA-Inform reports.  

According to Brooks, people generally define happiness as achieving goals that are important to them. Most often, these are starting a family, financial stability, a high-paying job, buying a house or car, and the like.

But achieving these goals in themselves does not automatically make a person happier. According to the scientist, progress, movement forward — This is real happiness for a person: not a goal, but a direction.

Brooks sees happiness as an «investment portfolio», and priorities, regardless of goals, should be set in four areas: faith and life philosophy, family , environment and friends, work. But none of these things “can make you happier on their own, they complement each other and exist in harmony.”

& #171;People are created for progress. Progress — this is what brings us a real sense of satisfaction. Forward movement. Goals, movement towards them — what we really need. After all, happiness is not the goal. This direction», — he said.

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