• 04/03/2024 06:52

Residents of Belgorod are already hysterical: “We didn’t start this special operation”

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This information was reported by Obozrevatel , reports URA-Inform.  

The front-line settlement is increasingly visited by «cotton». After the recent explosions in Belgorod, local rescuers advised covering the windows with tape. This is supposedly supposed to protect them from the blast wave. Meanwhile, Belgorod residents began to become hysterical.

The citizens of the terrorist country were not having fun at all, and in local public pages they began to complain about why they were forced to suffer from shelling, although the «SVO did not start».

«I can’t understand why I have to tape up my windows, even though I didn’t start this damn special operation!» – wrote one of the city residents.

The Russian air defense, which is working on residential buildings, also suffered from the rubble of which the civilian population suffered.

«Where did they shoot? According to the installations that are hitting Kharkov. And Russian air defense shot down all the missiles flying from Ukraine over residential areas, and burning fragments fell on houses and people. It was in the official report that the air defense worked over the city and shot down everything,” another user wrote.

Recall that it was previously reported. Residents of the regional center of the Russian Federation are already being prepared for evacuation: what is known.

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