• 02/03/2024 22:01

Scientists have found the key cause of aging: expert discovery

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This information was reported by Medicalanswers, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists from Switzerland have found that visceral abdominal fat causes chronic inflammation, accelerates the development of age-related diseases and weakens the body's defenses. Experts have discovered that it is the key cause of aging.

The main role in human aging is played by leukocytes, eosinophils — kind of immune cells. It was believed that they were in the circulatory system. Now scientists have discovered them in visceral fat in humans and mice.

Over the years, the number of eosinophils decreases, and inflammatory macrophages increase. When there is an excess amount of visceral fat in the body, an imbalance of leukocytes occurs. This increases the likelihood of developing allergic reactions, lung diseases, weakens protection against parasites and promotes premature aging.

During experiments on mice, it was found that transplanting eosinophils from young rodents to older ones reduces the amount of inflammation. As a result, animals get sick less often, their physical fitness improves and their immunity is strengthened.

As it turned out, eosinophil transplantation has a rejuvenating effect. Similar experiments have not yet been carried out on humans. If the new research results are confirmed, then scientists will be able to create a new remedy for human rejuvenation.

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