• 22/02/2024 15:59

Traveling into the past is possible: scientists have come to unexpected conclusions

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This information was reported in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity, reports URA-Inform.

Experts in the field of quantum physics propose a theory that explains how to travel through time, avoiding time paradoxes.< /p>

«According to classical dynamics, having information about the state of the system at a certain point in time, you can restore its entire history. Einstein's theory of relativity allows for the existence of time loops, where certain events can occur simultaneously in the past and future,» – states the scientific article.

All this time, time travel was considered possible from the point of view of physics, but technological limitations seemed to be the main barrier. At the same time, scientists emphasized that such travel can cause “time paradoxes,” leading to unexpected consequences, as depicted in feature films, like the “Butterfly Effect.”

One of the most famous examples of this phenomenon — The «grandfather paradox», where a time traveler can change events in such a way that he simply does not appear in the present.

Despite these difficulties, research in the field of quantum physics and the theory of relativity continues to discover new horizons for understanding time and space.

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