• 24/02/2024 18:30

The rules of mobilization in Ukraine may change: the Ministry of Justice said that they are already developing

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This information was announced by Deputy Minister of Justice Elena Vysotskaya on the air of Ukrainian Radio, reports URA- Inform.”

It is noted that if the changes are adopted, citizens with a criminal record will have the opportunity to join the country's defense ranks. Currently, the country's laws prohibit the mobilization of convicts, but, as Vysotskaya noted, the proposed changes are aimed at changing this situation.

«Existing legislation does not allow opportunities for convicts to join», — she noted.

Vysotskaya emphasized that we are talking not only about those who are currently serving their sentences, but also about those who have already served their sentence.

«These people live among us, they experience the same fears and experiences, and they can be useful. However, they are deprived of the opportunity to help the army, since they are excluded from the military register», — she explained.

Vysotskaya also noted that currently the Territorial Military Commissariats refuse to mobilize people with a criminal record.

< p>«First obstacle — this is legislative, and therefore we developed appropriate changes, which we presented to the committee. Issues surrounding this are a matter of debate as the Army will have to pay attention to former or current convicts if they decide to join», — explained the Deputy Minister.

She also added that if discussions continue in committees, then new mobilization rules will likely be adopted in January-February.

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