• 22/02/2024 11:37

Ukraine and the United States inspected weapons provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine: preliminary results

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The press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported this information, URA-Inform reports.

Representatives of Ukraine and the United States conducted the first joint inspection of weapons provided by American partners.

According to the department, the internal audit service of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with representatives of the defense cooperation department of the US Embassy, ​​inspected weapons and property provided by American partners in one of the military units.

Ukrainian and American inspectors checked three main positions, namely:

— serial numbers;

— technical condition;

— conditions for proper storage (safety and security).

The Ministry of Defense noted that the information is currently being processed, and during the joint work there were no comments from US representatives. The defense department also assured that joint inspections on the end use of weapons provided by partners will continue.

«Ensuring access to storage sites, openness and systematic joint inspections — these are concrete measures we take to enhance transparency and build trust in our relationships with partners», — said Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Dzhigir.

Recall that it was previously reported, several weeks or months: the White House about the risk of Ukraine's defeat without US help.

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