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How to withdraw Notcoin to a card: exchange Notcoins in hryvnia

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This information is reported by URA-Inform.

How to withdraw Notcoin to a Ukrainian bank card?

It is noted that at the moment this remains only a plan, since the coins have not yet been presented on any exchange or platform. However, it's not all bad. It is known from official sources that only the Bingx exchange has confirmed agreements on the upcoming listing of Notcoin.

As soon as the listing is announced, any user of the exchange will be able to sell Notcoin, and of course, the speed of this action will be key. Millions of people around the world will be eager to do the same, and Notcoin's price will likely fall quickly after listing. Later on the exchange there will be more detailed instructions for transferring Notcoin to wallets and, possibly, to a bank card.

What to do with Notcoin at the moment?

The inability to withdraw Notcoin currently does not deter players who are actively increasing the number of coins in their bot wallet. Official information about the time when Notcoin withdrawals will be available is still unknown and depends on several factors such as the popularity of the game, the goals of the developers and the inclusion of Notcoin on major exchange platforms.

Users are aware that selling, sending, exchanging, transferring or withdrawing Notcoin is currently not available, but this has not stopped them from expressing interest in the project on Telegram and hoping for a future activation of the selling option. The developers claim that in the future it will be possible to exchange Notcoin coins through exchanges, transfer them to friends and sell them, but the exact moment of this event remains a matter of time.

When will Notcoin be listed on Binance ?

Immediately after the launch of the game, the question arose about when Notcoin will be added to major exchanges and what are its prospects . However, there is no exact forecast regarding the inclusion of Notcoin in the list of major exchange platforms.

According to available information, it is planned to add Notcoin coins to platforms such as Bingx, Binance, OKX, Bybit and others in the near future. Some platforms already have Notcoin pages, but detailed information and prices are not yet available. It is likely that the listing will be carried out on the Bingx, Bybit and Binance platforms, although this remains an assumption until official confirmation.

Recall the price of Notcoin: how much will one Notcoin cost on exchanges.

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