• 28/02/2024 12:19

Danilko got into a scandal abroad because of an antics at a concert: what threatens him

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This information was reported by Sensatsiya, reports URA-Inform.  

On the New Year, Andrei Danilko, according to the tradition of many stars, performed in the United Arab Emirates. And it was not without scandals. It turns out that the man was banned from entering the country after his behavior on stage.

As you know, the UAE is very jealous of law and order. You can get a huge fine simply for throwing garbage in the wrong place, or parking incorrectly.

Andrey Danilko was banned from entering Ukraine because of his chants on stage, since the artist at each of her performances draws attention to the crimes of the Russian Federation and does not hesitate to speak out on this matter. It turns out that Andrei received a punishment for this back in 2022, but somehow managed to get into the country and do what he did again.

&#171 ;He was permanently banned from entering the UAE. This happened because of the artist’s pro-Ukrainian position and his statements about Russians at concerts. According to media reports, Andrei must pay a fine for his pro-Ukrainian slogans,” said Slava Demin

We recall that it was previously reported that grief happened in the Meladze family: the musician is postponing concerts.

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