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Ukrainians have been prepared with payments of 10,800 hryvnia from the UN: who can count on help

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This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing experts from the Right to Zakhist charitable foundation, reports URA-Inform.

According to information received on January 15, 2024 from the Charitable Foundation «Right to Zakhist», applications for multi-purpose monetary support from the UNHCR began to be accepted.

 The program registers vulnerable categories of internally displaced persons affected by military operations in certain regions, as well as those who returned to their permanent place of residence after being forced to move to another region or country after February 24, 2022.

Under Families that meet the following criteria can apply for payments:

  1. Those who have not previously received benefits from international organizations.
  2. With an income per family member of less than 5,400 hryvnia.
  3. Categories:
  • Displaced people who moved after February 24, 2022 with vulnerabilities from the list.
    • Persons who have not moved since February 24, 2022, but have suffered from hostilities in the specified areas and with vulnerabilities from the list.
    • People who have returned after being forced to move due to hostilities on February 24 2022 with vulnerabilities from the list.
  • Having one or more of the following vulnerability criteria:
    < li>Single-parent families (father or mother) with children under 18 years of age or with elderly people (55 years of age and older).

    • Families headed by a single elderly person (55 years of age and above) or an elderly person with one child or children under 18 years of age.
    • Families with persons with special needs (disabilities, chronic diseases, etc.).
      < li>Adoptive families caring for unaccompanied and divorced children (with the provision of documentary evidence).

Recall that Russians are preparing for the worst: it has become known that are already being installed around St. Petersburg.

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