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Will there be a conscription of people with disabilities in Ukraine: Lubinets warned what to prepare for

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This information was reported by TSN, reports URA-Inform.

< p>He emphasized that the preservation in the draft of such provisions as the mobilization of citizens with group III disabilities and the provision of additional powers to territorial recruitment centers will become the reason for his again expressed opposition to the adoption of this document.

Lubinets noted that when In developing a new draft law on mobilization, the working group of the Ministry of Defense is consulting with the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights.

He warned that he had presented categorical objections to the issue of mobilization of citizens with category III disabilities. According to his information, the previous position was a willingness to take these objections into account.

He also expressed strong opposition to granting additional powers to the TCC, pointing out that this contradicts the principles of the Constitution and constitutes a violation of the civil rights of Ukrainians.

Lubinets emphasized that in Ukraine there are other bodies capable of using mechanisms for those citizens who refuse military service.

Recall that Poland is going to further cut aid to Ukrainians: a date has been announced for when this will happen.< /p>
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