• 04/03/2024 02:23

“If Ukraine falls, we will demand Transcarpathia”: a scandalous statement by a Hungarian politician

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This information was reported by Index, reports URA-Inform.  

Making a speech at the annual party conference in Budapest on January 27, he said that pressure from «international financiers» led to a war in Ukraine, namely a war that would “destroy Europe and send the continent’s economy to the bottom.”

According to him, «Ukraine was bought by BlackRock», the world's largest investment fund, which has more than 10 trillion dollars. At the same time, Laszlo Torockai noted that his party Mi Hazank stands for ending the war in Ukraine.

The politician emphasized that the political force insists on an immediate ceasefire, peace and a negotiated settlement. According to him, if Ukraine ceases to exist as a result of the war, then Mi Hazank will lay claim to Transcarpathia.

«If the statehood of Ukraine ceases to exist in As a result of the war, Mi Hazank will claim Transcarpathia as the only parliamentary party», — Torotskai added.

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