• 02/03/2024 22:40

The strategic task of the Russian Federation for 2024 has been named: General Marchenko said what we need to prepare for

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This information was reported by Gordonua, reports URA-Inform.  

Major General of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Dmitry Marchenko (call sign Marcello) noted that the Russian army could make another attempt to attack Odessa in order to cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea. And this could happen in 2024.

«As a military man, I was always taught that you should expect the worst and count on the best. Therefore, I will say that Russian leaders have not abandoned the south of Ukraine. I think that they will still try to reproduce that plan of capture and cut us off from the Black Sea. This is a strategic task for them,” said Marchenko.

The general explained that if the Russians succeed in this, they will significantly weaken Ukraine – “they will make it not have its own sea, their ports», and this will greatly hit the country’s economy.

«So I still think that we need to prepare for that that they will go to reproduce their plan to capture the south. Therefore, while we have time, I think that our military leadership must make the right decision and now build three lines of defense in order to create conditions for them that would make it impossible for them to advance – even a couple of kilometers – forward,” concluded military.

We recall that it was previously reported that Putin will receive “pleasant surprises” on the battlefield – the United States gave a powerful warning to the Russian Federation.

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