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Putin for the first time acknowledged the problems of the Russian army at the front: what the dictator said

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This information was reported by Glavcom, reports URA-Inform.  

On Saturday, February 3, dictator Vladimir Putin spoke about the events that took place in the Kharkov region after the Russian army left there. According to the head of the Kremlin, it pains him to talk about what was happening at that time.

«When our units withdrew from the Kharkov region, we We know what was going on there, what these nonhumans were doing. Only neo-Nazis can do this. That's what it's all about, that's who we're dealing with», — he stated.

Putin emphasized that the overwhelming majority of Russians want to help the population of Donbass, not wanting to “throw people under the wheels of neo-Nazis.” At the same time, he also added that at one of the sites of the «Special Military Operation» — a complex situation created by unmanned aerial vehicles.

«Just this morning I spoke with the General Staff: in one of the areas, of course, the complexity of the situation is related to how times with unmanned aerial vehicles», — the dictator emphasized.

The head of the Kremlin assured that he draws a conclusion about the importance of UAVs from daily contacts with the military who are fighting on the front line. Putin said that Russia should cover its borders, as well as civilian facilities and infrastructure.

He also cynically stated that «AFU are striking civilians in order to provoke the Russian Federation into mirror actions» .

We recall that it was previously reported that the scientist predicted Putin’s fate: “I am simply convinced of this.”

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