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Is Usik ready to go to the front: a decisive statement from the boxer

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This information was reported by The Times, reports URA-Inform.  

Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Alexander Usik, who owns three championship belts, is ready, if necessary, to fight against the Russian army. He noted that many of his friends died in the war or were seriously injured.

The Ukrainian boxer noted that he actively supports the military, noting their fighting spirit and optimism, which is many times greater than the sentiment among civilians.

«I'm ready to go to the front if necessary. It's terrible when a guy is left without an arm and a leg. I have many friends who are now defending our country from the enemy. Someone died. Someone lost limbs. I visit them, talk to them and help as much as I can. Their brave hearts still beat. They didn't lose faith. They are more positive than people who don’t have to constantly think about war», — Usyk stated.

We recall that it was previously reported that Shevchenko’s 17-year-old son wants to obtain Ukrainian citizenship: the documents have already been submitted.

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