• 22/02/2024 15:30

The representative of Ukraine at the UN explained how to avoid the legacy of Russian terrorism in Ukraine

The docks of the Russian Federation are built to drive in confidence and integrity for the sake of Security, you will feel and at ease, driving in innocent people in Ukraine and beyond.

As stated by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Sergiy Kislitsa, RBC-Ukraine informs RBC-Ukraine of its dispatches at the end of the emergency meeting for the sake of UN Security.

Kislitsya, having shown respect, that in the night on the 29th Breast, the aggressor of the poor in the territory of Ukraine, a canopy section, lighting warehouses, a shopping center, 45 rich residential buildings, private cabins, two churches, trading centers , as well as parking.

“Doctors have informed about the impact of a Russian missile in the bombing of Poland under the hour of a Russian attack, and we repeat again that Russian terrorist terrorism poses a serious threat not only to Ukraine, but also to the present day. The only way to save this legacy is to continue to encourage Ukraine to further enhance our defense. “, – said Kislytsia.

The representative of Ukraine added that as long as Russia is determined to instill confidence and integrity for the sake of Security, it will freely kill innocent people in Ukraine and beyond.

Large-scale shelling Ukraine

On Friday, the 29th, Russian exterminators dealt a major blow to Ukraine with the start of a full-scale war. In Ukraine, 158 hostile targets were released, and PPO forces shot down 114 targets.

US President Joe Biden strongly condemned the Russian shelling of Ukraine. In his words, Putin intends to protect Ukraine and leave no trace of it.

At the hour of the emergency meeting of the UN, the United States called Russia directly to the Volunteer for the Security of the UN with topics about the Revolution of Gidnost in Ukraine Not ten years ago, while Moscow was preparing a large-scale missile- a new blow to Ukrainian places.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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