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In Zaporizhzhya, for its support to Metinvest, the first Center was opened out of fear of the unknown persons

Zaporizhzhia opened the first Center in Ukraine out of public outcry, unknown for special obstavin – pid the hour of military operations in the occupied territories. The center was established for the initiative of the National Police of Ukraine and for the support of the Metinvest group and the Zaporizhstal plant.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through requests to the company.

The main method of his activity This means increasing the effectiveness of tracking and sounding robots, and improving the permanent connection of police officers with the homelands of unknown persons.

“This center is extremely necessary for recording and investigating the atrocities against people that the Russian armies committed against the Ukrainians on Ukrainian soil. The world of civilization may know the sacrifices our people made through this center. “Metinvest” and “Zaporizhstal” gave support to the host “It is a pity that the work of establishing truth and justice in the crimes against the Ukrainians will be carried out by this center, but it is necessary to work with respect to people and the law,” said the operational director of the Metinvest group, Oleksandr Mironenko.

The center, out of fear of anonymity, employs over 40 police officers – investigators, criminal police officers, cyber police and forensic specialists.

Law enforcement conducts experiments. respect of the citizens, who declared the hopelessness of the matter, the collection and processing of all kinds of information for the establishment of a possible religious knowledge of famous people. On the basis of the center, the selection of DNA sequences from biological relatives of unknown persons is carried out and a judicial examination is carried out.

In cases where you have lost contacts with family and loved ones who have lost time-to-hour repayments territories of the Zaporizhzhya region or they hesitated If you have been to the localities near the line, contact the territorial police departments or call the phone number: 095-450-41-86, or in WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Signal messengers using the specified number.

Guess what, in ID cob large-scale invasion of “Metinvest” directly to help ZSU and Ukrainians as much as 5 billion hryvnia.

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