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ZSU at night launched a strike on military targets in the Russian Federation with 70 drones, – Dzherela

Ukrainian soldiers attacked military installations on the territory of Ro sії. The worst situation was in Bryansk.

About this, RBC-Ukraine deployed personnel in the special services.

“In the night from 29 to 30, the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine ordered a heavy attack on military targets on the territory of the Russian Federation. In total, more than 70 drones of various types took part in the attack,” the Dzherela says.

As the spies found, the worst was in Bryansk, where a group of drones attacked the Kremniy El plant “. This is one of the largest producers of electronics for Russian military equipment. Zokrem, for long-range missiles and systems PPO “Pantsir”.

It appears that there were also vibrations at several military facilities in Belgorod, Tula, Tver, Moscow.

“Russian The PPO was able to shoot down the majority of Ukrainian UAVs, but a significant number of them effectively served their purposes. “Key on military objects of the enemy,” Dzherela adds.

Nightly bulges in Russia

I guess it was late in the evening on the 29th Belgorod’s chest began to sag into bulges and no shelling. The governor of the region stated that the PPO had hit “a number of airborne targets” on the route to Belgorod.

Already in the early hours of the 30th, the Russian Ministry of Defense spoke about the “defeated” attack. Shoigu said that they shot down as many as 32 drones, and the PPO worked almost exclusively in the Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk and Moscow regions.

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