• 26/02/2024 15:30

Pope Francis calls for prayer for the “martyrred Ukrainian people”

Francis remembered the Ukrainians in today's speech after saying the Angel of the Lord prayer.

Pope Francis called for prayer for the "martyrred Ukrainian people"

On the last day of the year, the Pope for the peoples suffering from war , remembering first the “martyrred Ukrainian people.”

“Let us not pray for peoples suffering from wars: for the martyred Ukrainian people, for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, for the people of Sudan and for numerous others,” the Pope called today Francis after preaching the Angel of the Lord prayer, Vatican News reported.

Pope Francis also mentioned Nigeria, “where Christmas celebrations were marked by acts of violence and attacks in Plateau State, resulting in numerous casualties.”

“At the end of the year, let us dare to ask: how many lives have been lost in armed conflicts? How many deaths? How much destruction, how much suffering, how much poverty? Those who have an interest in these conflicts, listen to the voice of conscience. And don’t forget about the long-suffering Rohingyas!” the Pope added.

On December 28, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had a conversation with Pope Francis. According to the president, they talked about working on a peace formula.


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