• 04/03/2024 09:32

The dollar continued to grow actively on the cob: fresh rate in exchangers

Dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of Ukraine sharply increased on the cob following the trend on the market Izhbank. The single European currency has also risen in price.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its market monitoring reports.

As of early 1st September, the average exchange rate for dollar sales in Ukraine increased by 45 kopecks to 39, 50 hryvnia, euro exchange rate for 60 kopecks to 43.50 hryvnia.

In exchange offices, buy a dollar from the average for 38.80 UAH, euro for 42.50 UAH.

On The interbank rate today is at 38.15-38.18 (purchase and sale) – an increase of 14 kopecks is equal to the previous day's closures.

Official rate

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) above raising the dollar exchange rate higher 38 hryvnia. The official exchange rate for September 1, 2024 is set at the following level: 38.002 hryvnia per 1 dollar (+0.0196 UAH). The euro exchange rate becomes 41.996 hryvnia per 1 euro (-0.2119 UAH).

Situation on the market

The official dollar exchange rate per pound increased by 4.4% from 36.38 to 37.98 UAH/dollar and more Today I have set new records. The exchange rate has risen due to a record currency shortage. The NBU sold 3.553 billion dollars to the interbank foreign exchange market in 2023. This is the maximum obligation from 2022.

The prepared exchange rate is deposited with the international bank. As a result, the exchange rate on the ready-to-eat market per breast increased by 1.5 hryvnia to 39.05 UAH/dollar. However, the rate, as before, is lower, lower as of the beginning of last year, having become close to 40.70 UAH/dollar.

It is clear that by the beginning of 2024 the National Bank will continue to actively pour into the foreign exchange market and gradually loosen the hryvnia. On the interbank bank the rate can be 37.70-38.50 UAH/dollar, on the ready-made market – plus another 50-60 kopecks.

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