• 29/02/2024 23:53

Partisans penetrated the military unit into the Russian Federation with equipment for fighting in Donbass

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the message sent to Telegram of the Crimean Rukh support “ATESH”.

Part 554 43 Rotashovana Noginsk town at the address Elektrostalske Shosse, 8. An agent of the Rukh, who recently called upon this unit to conduct reconnaissance and obtain information about the technology produced by the sub-unit.

“It was fixed. There is a complete range of equipment that is stored in the section. , which they are actively updating for transfer to Donetsk directly. The exact coordinates of the fleet of updated infantry fighting vehicles were transferred to the self-propelled guns,” the partisans indicate to the Rukh.

Activity of Ukrainian partisans in Russia

For days, representatives of the Forces have recorded the support at the Michurinsky Aviation and Missile Technology Plant near the Tambov region there are warehouses with ready-made equipment. The information was transferred to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

In the time-occupied Crimea, the partisans discovered anti-aircraft defense systems of the Russians that cover the Crimean area.

Earlier, the Ukrainian partisans obtained secret information I’m talking about the production of missiles on Russian territory.

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