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10 athletes who will definitely glorify Ukraine in 2024

2024 has a planned number of sports events, including the XXII year I Olympic Games near Paris. Ale and without the Olympics, we will show: boxing, athletics, tennis, football and other disciplines.

RBC-Ukraine analyzed the chances of Ukrainians for success in various fields and created its own selection of 10 athletes, I who can declare about Ukraine to the whole Holy fate.

Oleksandr Usyk

The fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury will become the top priority in the fight for the title of absolute world champion at the top of the world. Today, world experts are predicting that the Englishman will win, prote Oleksandr will continue to diligently prepare for the fight in order to make everything turn out well.

In this way, the 17th fierce Ukrainian boxer can become one of the top athletes in 2024, I Whoa go Ukrainian ensign in the eyes of the whole world.

Olexandr Usyk (photo: instagram.com/usykaa)

Yaroslava Maguchykh

The most beautiful athlete of 2023 according to the NOC of Ukraine is one s of the greatest contenders for gold OI 2024 with stribki in height. At the Tokyo Games, she was unable to finish the 2.02 m badge and lost the bronze medal.

It’s true that before Yaroslav’s upcoming games, one must approach with the finest displays. So, in 2023, a 22-year-old athlete with a result of 2.01 became the champion of the world, and later – a champion of the Diamond League, having reached a height of 2.03 m.

Yaroslava Maguchikh (photo: instagram.com/rosya_dp)

Oleksandr Khizhnyak

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Khizhnyak was extremely close to winning a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in the middle vase. Then, at the finals, he lost to the Brazilian Ebert Souza, missing a sharp blow in the 3rd round and getting knocked out.

In 2023, the athlete became the winner of the European Games in the weight category up to 80 kg, defeating the Croatian pre-stroke and Gabriel Veochic. In 2024, Ukraine definitely has another hope for a medal at the Paris Olympics.

Oleksandr Khizhniak (photo: instagram.com/khyzhniak_oleksandr)

Elina Svitolina

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina also impressed the patients with her effective turns. The third racket in the world in 2017-2019 and the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the spring of 2022 announced their rank. Most of the magic went through the process. Prote immediately turned to the court.

In the 2023rd round, Elina reached the quarterfinals of Roland Garros, and the following year – to the semifinals at Wimbledon, beating the first racket of the world, Igu Sviontek, in the quarterfinals.

Svitolina has recently been announced by the “favorites of fate” according to the WTA Tennis Association, and in 2024 they can compete for high positions both in Grand Slam tournaments and at the Olympics Paris.

Elina Svitolina (photo: instagram.com/elisvitolina)

Mikhailo Romanchuk

Ukrainian swimmer Mikhailo Romanchuk holds a maximum of three licenses for the Olympics in Paris: for 400, 800 and 1500 meters in freestyle. At the last Olympics, he won two medals, which brought Ukraine a bronze medal.

2023 turned out to be not very productive for Mikhail. Thus, at the World Championships of the Japanese Fukuotsia, the 6th and 7th places at distances of 800 and 1500 m are consistent, and at the European Championships there were two bronze medals.

Now the athlete will continue to prepare until the head of the rock in Paris, and the Ukrainian anthem will play during the hour of the naming ceremony.

Mikhailo Romanchuk (photo: instagram.com/misha_romanchuk)

Marina Bekh-Romanchuk

Mikhail’s team, 28-year-old track and field athlete Marina Bekh-Romanchuk, specializes in double and triple haircuts. At the Games in Tokyo, Marina took 5th position in the dovzhin strip, showing a result of 6.88 m. In 2022, the athlete began to train in the triple strip and from that hour improved her results in the run.

So, In 2023, Marina became the world champion with a triple cut, as well as the champion of the European Games for Poland. She was never able to complete the Diamond League – due to her health, she missed the final in Eugene, America.

Now the athlete is preparing for the world championship in athletics at the local place. Birch trees will be on the cob in Scottish Glasgow.

Marina Bekh-Romanchuk (photo: instagram.com/misha_romanchuk)

Ukraine's football stories

National football meetings will also be able to calm down the sick people of this fate. Zokrema, let's talk about the main team of the region, the youth team and futsal players.

Serhiy Rebrov's mentor will have a chance to qualify for Euro 2024 through the playoffs. To achieve this, the Ukrainians will need to win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then beat the Israel-Iceland bet. If they succeed, then Ukraine will be awarded the title of European champion.

The youth team under the leadership of Ruslan Rotan can now show itself at the 2024 Olympics. For the first time in history, the team was able to qualify for the championship and now, along with other 15 teams, is playing in the city of Paris.

The world will try to fight for it and our team will futsal. In 2023, Oleksandr Kosenko’s team directly qualified for the world championship in Uzbekistan and more importantly until the spring of 2024.

National Football Team of Ukraine (photo: instagram.com/uafukraine)

Oleksiy Sereda

18-river Oleksiy Sereda can become the dark horse of the harvested Ukraine due to the flow of water at the Olympic Games near Paris. For the athlete, this will also be a friend of the Olympics: Tokyo has the 6th position in the sweeps from a 10-meter tower and the same place in the synchronized sweeps.

In 2023, Oleksia won the European Games from Poland, both in the individual program and in a pair with Kiril Bolyukh, as well as in another place in the World Cup from China, setting a special record in Poland 1 0 meters.

While neither the Chinese nor the new champion of the world, the Australian Kessiel Rousseau, will definitely not let the cities go so easily, Oleksia still has a chance to bring Ukraine a medal at OI 2024.

Olexiy Sereda and Volodymyr Zelensky (photo: instagram.com/oleksii_sereda_)

Dar'ya Bilodid

23-year-old judoka Darya Bilodid will also continue her preparations until her major goals. In 2023, the bronze medalist of the OI 2020 boycotted the World Championship due to the admission of new “neutral” athletes from Russia and Belarus, and missed the European Championship due to a back injury.

At the same time, the head coach of the Ukrainian national judo team, Vitaly Dubrova, takes care of Darya in Paris. According to this, the national athletes, Dilshot Khalmatov, Bogdan Yadov, Darya Bilodid and Elizaveta Litvinenko, who have already guaranteed their licenses from Paris, will now compete for the treasures of the Olympic Games. Protein also noted that these are very specific details, until which the coaching staff will focus on preparing athletes in the best shape.

Dar'ya Bilodid (photo: instagram.com/dariabilodid7)

Anzhelika Terlyuga

Ukrainian fans also have great hopes for 2024, champion of the World and European Games Anzhelika Terlyuga. In Tokyo, the karateka brought Ukraine a treasure of up to 55 kilograms.

In 2023, the Odessa karateka won the European Championship in Guadalajari and became a bronze medalist in the debut world championship in Budapest.

Moreover, finals of the European Games 2023 in Krakow, Anzhelika defeated the distinguished Olympic champion – Bulgarian Ivet Goranova, and in the finals – the world champion Tuba Jakan z Turecchini. These two karatekas are also among the main contenders for the awards in Paris.

Anzhelika Terliuga (photo: instagram.com/anzhelika_terliuga)

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