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Heating points, problems with transport and schools online: Khurtovina in Odessa is gaining momentum

The weather in Odessa region will continue to cool, as a result of which in the lower regions є impatient. In the regional center, some electric transport no longer runs, and schools throughout the region decided to switch to a distance learning format.

Details about the legacy of the disaster in the Odessa region, as well as recommendations for local residents – collected by RBC-Ukraine in the material or lower.

During the hour of preparation of the material, the following were collected: tributes to the head of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper, the city of Odessa, the Main Directorate of the DSNS in the Odessa region, Odessakelektrotrans and DTEK.

“In response to indignation I once again ask Substances “There is an urgent need – do not get on the roads, or give robots to the services! Khurtovina is gaining momentum. Technology is working on the roads of the region,” the head of the Odessa Regional Administration, Oleg Kiper, said in a statement to the local residents.

Potuzhny in Iter knocked down the wind generator, and the Swede “couldn't connect to Wiklik

As local media reported, in the Odessa region the wind was so strong that it knocked down a wind generator. The incident took place near the Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky district. The footage was published by local Telegram channels.

At that time, near the village of Nestoita, Podilsky district, a Swedish car, which was driving to the doctor with a woman and a sick 2-month-old boy, through the deterioration of the weather minds – ice, could not get out of the way.

At the vigil, the guards arrived and helped the Swedish carriage move onto a safe stretch of road.

Photo: in the Odessa region, ritualists towed a Shvidka (facebook.com/DSNSODE)

What about transport

The situation on the roads: where is the worst

The bad weather in the Odessa region has immediately begun to take its toll on the region. Zokrema, on Lyubashivsky straightway the traffic has already been laid down. After the snow began to fall, the roads became icy.

Law enforcement officials ask drivers who are pregnant, to be respectful and careful, to carefully comply with the traffic rules, and if necessary, call the special line 102.

Those who are going to wait, if possible, call to leave on the trip and recount the bad news.

Municipal transport

In Odessa, through the loss of weather minds, 50% of the municipal electric transport warehouse is sent directly to the depot. The interval between the breakdown of trams and trolleybuses that have stopped operating on the routes will double.

Zokrema, tram route No. 20 is not running in the city at the moment. The bus takes his place.

The situation with light, water, gas and scorching by region

According to information from DTEK, at 13:00 262 settlements in the Odessa region will be without electricity. The southern region suffered the most.

Whirlwinds, snow, squalls and winds cause additional emergency shutdowns – the boards freeze on power lines, causing their own electricity to die busy wires, and the strong gusts of the wind cut off the lines to the ground.

In the minds of the total failure of the energy industry, they will continue to look at the lines and repairs.

More details about the situation with communications in the lower areas.

Rozdilnyansky district:

Water heat supply is working in normal mode.

Electricity supply is daily in 33 settlements (16,660 people). DTEK is working on innovations.

Equipment is in use on the roads.

Berezivsky district:

Electricity is available daily in 80 settlements, occasionally in 15. Water is available in all settlements. There is icy conditions in the area, ice sticking to the wires. Power engineers and road workers are working.

Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky district:

Electricity supply, water supply, heat supply are operating as normal. There is no ice on the roads.

Podilsky district:

There is daily power supply in 105 settlements (86,109 people). Water, heat and gas supplies are now centralized. Roads through the city, ice. The equipment is working.

Odessky district:

Electricity supply is available daily in 3 settlements, generators are running, near Rashti village, water and heat supply is available. Everything is working as usual.

Izmail district:

Energy supply is daily in the village of Loshchinivka (power lines are damaged), DTEK is working. Water supply, gas supply, heat supply in normal mode.

Bolgradsky district:

Everything works in normal mode.

Shchodo Odessa, then find out the address, where On a daily basis, electricity supply is possible upon request.

Schools at a distance

Due to the trouble in the area, schools were immediately transferred to distance learning. Oleg Kiper, a resident of Odesskaya OVA, signed this order.

“In connection with the predicted changes in the weather's minds, we are concerned about preserving the health of children and the proper organization of the educational process, 9 And on the 10th of today we switch to a remote format, borrow from all deposits “Illuminate the area. By signing the special order,” wrote Keeper in Telegram.

Children's kindergartens and schools operate under the regime of child groups. The fathers were called out for their ability to deprive their children of their homes. All these are recommendations for the period of bad weather.

The weather is getting worse, power is calling for the possibility of being lost at home

According to weather forecasters, from the other half of the day there will be a sharp decline in weather minds. Odessa also has the power to ask the burghers during the bad days not to go out into the streets without necessity, especially people of advanced age and age.

Also in Odessa Miskrad they went crazy with cries:

  • circle exit position between places;
  • When parking cars, make sure that the smell does not affect the robots of municipal equipment;
  • In addition, be aware of the possibility of shearing darts, falling branches and trees.

“I will also explode before the ceremonies of enterprises and installations: in the days of bad weather, it is possible to transfer workers to remote work,” said the mayor’s head Gennady Trukhanov.

To sign up, addresses of the “Points of Inviolability”

Please note that volunteers have already set up a mobile heating unit on Kulikovo Field. In addition, municipal “Non-breaking Points” operate. The addresses of the “Points of Non-Breakness” in Odessa and the region can be seen for the post. Also, as expected, in the regional center there is a single emergency number 15-01.

In Odessa and the region, emergency services are operating in a stronger mode. In the regional center, all boiler houses are operating as normal, the temperature of the heating supply has been increased.

Change in weather in Ukraine

We would like to remind you that today the weather has sharply worsened throughout the territory of Ukraine. Through bitter frost, squally winds and rainfall, hundreds of settlements were destroyed. Also in lower regions there were disruptions to public transport, and ice and strong winds caused fallen trees, congestion and accidents.

More details about the situation in various places in Ukraine are now dying Wait a minute – read the materials of RBC-Ukraine for instructions .

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