• 03/03/2024 10:50

NATO positively assesses the preparations for the deployment of F-16 aircraft in Ukraine, – Ukraine’s representative to NATO

Preparation is proceeding according to schedule.

NATO positively evaluates the preparations for the deployment of F-16 aircraft in Ukraine, - Ukraine's representative to NATO

Allies from NATO countries positively assessed the preparations for the deployment of the F-16. Such assessments were made at an emergency meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council.

This was reported by the representative of Ukraine to NATO Natalya Galibarenko.

“There was a discussion among the countries participating in the F-16 coalition about where we are now. Basically, everything is going according to schedule. The training and preparation of pilots, engineers, language training, preparation of infrastructure continues – that is, there were positive assessments in this,” said Natalya Galibarenko.

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Also, the representative of Ukraine to NATO recalled that a meeting of the European Council will take place on February 1 in Brussels. One of the main issues at it will be the continuation of financial assistance for Ukraine.

Subsequently, in mid-February, a meeting of NATO defense ministers is expected, on the margins of which a meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine (Ramstein) usually takes place.

Accordingly, Ukraine should come to these meetings with the implementation of proposals and announcements made by the state earlier.

  • The assessment of airfields for F-16 multirole fighters continues in Ukraine.

  • Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat denied information about Denmark’s alleged delay in supplying F-16 fighters to Ukraine for several months. Earlier, the Danish publication Berlingske, citing its country’s Ministry of Defense, reported a delay in the supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Pentagon expects Ukrainian pilots to complete training on this year's F-16 fighter jets. The training can last from five to eight months.

  • Ens Stoltenberg believes that the F-16 will change the situation in the war for the better, but fundamental changes should not be expected.


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