• 26/02/2024 16:14

The Turkish parliament may discuss Sweden's membership in NATO in the coming years

The head of the parliamentary group of the ruling party of Turecchini Abdullah Guler said that the deputies can look at the application Sweden to join in NATO in the coming years.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a post to The Guardian.

Guler stated that after the 16th, if deputies return from the winter holidays, the Turkish parliament can include Sweden's application for membership in the Mid-Atlantic Alliance has been completed “in the near future.”

Varto noted that all NATO allies, the Crimea of ​​Turkey and the Ugorsk region, have already completed the process of ratifying Sweden's accession. However, officials say that there are signals that the Scandinavian country's entry into the Alliance is approaching.

Sweden's accession to NATO

It seems that Sweden submitted an application to join NATO just recently. For the country to become part of the Alliance, all member countries must ratify its request.

Ankara believes that Stockholm will enforce anti-terrorism laws. For example, the fall of leaves at the Ministry of Health of Sweden stated that Turkey would praise Sweden’s application “in the coming years.”

The 26th International Committee of the Turkish Parliament decided to praise Sweden’s application to join NATO. The remaining word is lost to the General Assembly of the Great National Assembly of Turkey (parliament).

Varto note that the 1st Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has announced that Sweden will become part of the Alliance by the end of 2024 roku.

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