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Russians are preparing airborne brigades for landing in Ukrainian territory, – ISW

Russian military personnel are forming air assault brigades, which will serve as special forces The aircraft were called up for landing and reconnaissance in the Ukrainian defense lines.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a letter to the Institute of Warfare (ISW).

It is clear that this is not a new concept for the Russian Army , Similar units were active during the Radian intervention in Afghanistan.

According to the data of the Russian troops, the airborne assault brigades at the ground forces depot will be able to carry out landings in the near border of Ukraine without parachutes, most likely, by landing helicopters for a quick opening of the special warehouse, as it was under the hour initial battles for Gostomel airport near Kiev on February 24 2022 Roku.

It appears that there is already such a unit on the Zaporizhskyi direct – the 49th Airborne Assault Brigade (ASB) at the warehouse of the 58th Foreign Army (Pivdenny Military District).

The ASB is in existence. current Russian army in warehouse Airborne troops, therefore Russian ground moldings can be completely completed.

ISW previously monitored the formation of reconnaissance-assault brigades at the warehouse of coal moldings and about Having appreciated that the creation of such specialized molds is based on the response to specific tactical wikis about which Russian forces are flocking in Ukraine.

“However, the origin of the airborne assault brigades is isolated from the broader structure of the forces of the airborne troops, it is likely that these specialized brigades will be recruited as another opportunity to carry out urgent front-line attacks “Against the zealous desire for Ukrainian strengthened positions in the short term,” it seems at your place.

Unfair benefits

In addition, it appears that a well-known Russian military blogger complained about the unfair assignment to staffing of paramilitary units, under the substitution of regular Russian military service contractors. Military service members of the Russian “Storm-Z” units do not fall under the authority of the Russian military legislation and therefore do not have the right to benefits similar to contract soldiers.

According to the blogger, the Storm-Z fighters will win more than 50 thousand. up to 300 thousand rubles in compensation for injuries was equalized with 3 million rubles, which contract workers receive. He said that the “Storm-Z” fighters do not deprive the desired social benefits, and that the Russian Ministry of Defense respects the entire city, which the military servicemen deserve – the presidential pardon of convicted conscripts.

< p>“Recruits are facing a similar problem” information from various private military companies and volunteer battalions. Of course, the RF Ministry of Defense is focused on recruiting in order to minimize expenses associated with the payment of social payments to the military service soldiers,” says ISW.

Situation at the front < p>Ukrainian military recorded 626 facts of stagnation of Russia's disputes with explosive chemical reagents of ammunition. Of these, Sichna has only 51 episodes.

Through the activity of Ukrainian drones, Russia shoots down UAVs on the left bank of the Dnieper.

This time, on the left bank of the Kherson region there is a new growth e intensity of Russian assaults . The enemy is transferring to the area with great preparation and preparation.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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