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The PPO forces lost 8 missiles. The military forces have revealed details of the massive attack

On the 13th of today, Russian terrorism went to the extent of massive shelling against Ukraine. The anti-aircraft defense forces lost 8 missiles.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via a post on the Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Under the hour of the attack on Ukraine, the gates froze:

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  • wing, aerobalistic, ballistic, aviation, anti-aircraft missiles;
  • strike UAVs.
  • Zagalo recorded 40 incidents of the wind attack of the enemy, zokrem:

    • 7 anti-aircraft ceramic missiles S-300/S-400 from the Belgorod region of Russia;
    • 3 attack UAVs “Shahed-136/131” from the Kursk region of Russia;
    • 6 aeroballistic missiles X-47M2 “Kinjal” from six MIG-31K aircraft (launch area – Tambov, Russia) ;
    • up to 12 X-101/X-555/X-55 missiles from 11 Tu-95MS strategic bombers (launch area – Caspian Sea, Russia);
    • 6 X-22 missiles from Tu-22M3 bombers from the Bryansk region, Russia;
    • 2 ceramic-coated Kh-31P aircraft missiles from two Su-35 aircraft (launch area – the territory of the Kherson region was immediately occupied);
    • 4 ceramic-coated aircraft and X- rockets 59 from two Su-34 aircraft (launch area – Bryansk region, Russia).

    The anti-aircraft defense has destroyed 8 air targets, including:

    • 7 missiles Х-101/х-555/Х-55;
    • 1 armored X-59 aircraft missile.

    Active countermeasures by means of REB

    “Over 20 successful methods of attack that were not included in the statistics of those killed, did not reach their goals , as a result of active counteraction using radio-electronic warfare,” writes the press service of the Air Force.

    The enemy's missiles melt away loudly

    As the military forces indicate, Russian missiles are becoming more difficult to fly through wherever they go. At the same time, this does not mean that the stench does not become a threat, but comes as a surprise.

    “Be careful, do not ignore anxiety, especially from the standstill of “ballistics,” the press service adds.

    Photo: PPO forces lost 8 missiles. Povitryan forces revealed details of wound shelling (t. me/kpszsu)

    Missile attack on Ukraine 13 sichnya

    Around 5:30, the Ukrainian forces reported missile launches from strategic aircraft in the Caspian Sea region, which led to widespread alarm in Ukraine.

    Later Ukrainians were also ahead of the curve about the flight of the Russian MiG-31K from the Savasleyka airfield in Nizhny Novgorod region. A dozen hours later, the Russians raised another ten years of guilt. The “Kinjalivs” were launched immediately.

    The “Kinjali” crashed near the Dnieper, Kiev, Rivne, Krivoy Rog, and the missiles hit the outer regions. The Ukrainian forces also announced the launch of Kh-31P missiles towards the Kherson region.

    In the midst of the shelling:

    • one of the missiles landed unscathed in a private cabin in the Poltava region;
    • under the hour of blows the boules “flooded” near the Dnieper;
    • is taken to the town of Shostka, Sumy region. Involved 47-rir-e-junk.

    Usijabitzi that mosquito attacks of the Vorog is able to be in the mother-in-laws.

    Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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