• 21/02/2024 10:12

How to avoid becoming a victim of online scams: the police named the basic rules

The police record a number of facts of Ukrainians spending money through business Internet-shahraev, for help of various evil schemes seek protection from trusting citizens.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine after sending a statement to law enforcement officers.

About those, spy police officers named the basic rules that will not help stick it in the hole Internet shares.

To protect yourself from shares:

  • be careful and careful;
  • do not over-insure your money to unverified persons;
  • avoid fake accounts on social networks;
  • do not disclose your personal information.

It is not uncommon to lure money out of your hands. It seems like a bank card, even though every person has one or two plastic bank cards. If a bank clerk has contacted you, please remember:

  • a real bank clerk does not ask for extra cash. Most shahrays insist on paying in penny transfers or cryptocurrency;
  • The bank does not require information about your card bank. Never share information about your accounts with the person on the phone;

  • don’t tell anyone the hourly passwords that come in SMS messages. Disclosure of this information will result in the cost being spent;
  • do not follow instructions. Don’t push the message that the “teacher bank” forces you;
  • Do not make any transactions at ATMs or terminals. The bank does not provide deposits for manipulations at ATMs or terminals.

Another type of cheating is the exploitation of phishing lists.

Phishing is a type of Internet cheating, if The evildoer forces subdivisions of an electronic sheet or SMS or message sent to a messenger, which is like an official email – a company, a colleague at work.

Basic signs of a phishing sheet:

  • it will be sent to you automatically generated;
  • The email address of the addressee is not official;
  • there is a problem with entering personal data on the list;
  • there are hyperlinked buttons on the fake site;
  • addition of an unknown contribution;
  • the text has some grammatical corrections.

It seems that earlier the cyber police named the five most widespread scams on the Internet, and also explained how protect yourself.

The cyber police also warned the Ukrainians about another shahrai scheme in messengers.

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