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Nimechchyna allowed to block the far-right pro-Russian party

In Germany, the right-wing radical party “Alternative for Germany” can be protected, as it continues to sprout I'm looking at you.< /p>

This was stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany, Nancy Feser, RBC-Ukraine reports from Spiegel.

In her words, such a short term has become the “sharpest sword” “The power of the far-right “Alternatives for Germany.”

“I do not exclude anyone (the party's defense – ed.) – it means that the barriers to the “remaining importance of the constitution” will be high,” Feser said.

Behind these words, it is not surprising that hostility arises that calls for the defense of the party sound to the fact that politicians do not want the desired progress in their arguments.

Also, the minister did not turn on the defense of the “Youth Alternative”, a youth group organization of the party. Vaughn may be fenced off by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“If the minds are similar, then this may be destroyed,” she added.

The minister guessed that in many similar lands of Germany “Young Izhnu alternative” was recognized as right-wing extremist, and in others it is suspected of it.

Scandals with the “Alternative for Germany”

It seems that the German party “Alternative for Germany” is pursuing right-wing radical and pro-Russian views c.

Zokrema , 2022, their deputies intend to introduce Russia, and then go to the immediate occupation of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Journalists also noted that Russia is sprouting The party and with its help are trying to get the border crossing to Ukraine .

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