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Simple salary, flexible schedule and contracts for 4 months: what is in the draft Labor Code

The Ministry of Economics has prepared a draft of a new Labor Code, which calls for liberalization of legislation and advancement business competitiveness.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this from submissions for the project, published on the website of the Federation of Professional Educational Institutions of Ukraine (FPU).

According to the project, the employment contract is the main element of the regulation of individual labor regulations. The completed line of the employment contract is the basis for the application of labor contracts.

Renewal of the employment contract by the employer

The employer has the right, at his own discretion, to terminate the employment contract with the worker at the time of his death How to change the employment contract, as well as for reasons of economical, technological , structural or similar in nature.

The employer is obliged to notify the employee in writing about the decision to terminate an employment contract at least 60 calendar days in advance.

Line-of-line employment contract, terms of up to 120 days, can be terminated before the line at the initiative of the employer with the advance of the employee at a price of no less than five calendar days. In this case, a salary allowance of at least 30 average daily wages is paid.

The project stipulates that for military personnel called up for military service, for a bonus during the hour of mobilization, beware of the place of robots, the posada of robot sellers, where the stench was performed for an hour, I will call.

An employment contract can be terminated at the employer's initiative in connection with the worker's work hours and information about the reasons for such work hours for 40 consecutive working days.

Labor This agreement may be terminated upon the initiative of the employer in the event that the inconvenience of the contract worker is established. For robots or borrowings, we will draw up a line of testing ahead of you, no later than three calendar days.

The employer is required, no later than the day the employment contract is signed, to provide the worker with wages, guarantees, compensation and other payments.

A special working hour regime

The employment contract for the worker can be set Isya a flexible working hour regime that transfers self-regulation by the worker from time to time, completion of work and triviality of the working hour during the working day, for line assignments or without lines, before the hour of starting work or later.

Flexible working hour regime is a form of organization of work, which allows the establishment of a different work regime, regardless of the rules of internal labor regulations, for the minds of the previously established daily, everyday or otherwise, established on the basis of new cloud period (day, month, quarter, river, etc.) , norms for working hours.

The maximum working hours are transferred to:

  • 1) fixing the hour, during which time the worker is obligated to be present at the work place and to remove his or her duties. In this case, half of the working day can be divided into parts;
  • 2) the variable hour, according to which the worker at the discretion of the authorities determines the periods of work within the established norm of three working hours;
  • 3) the hour of break for repairs and food.

Work at night

The hour from the twenty other year in the evening to the sixth year is important. A daily worker is a worker who regularly works at least three times a day (shift) working hour assigned to the work schedule or at least ¼ standard working hour (daily, monthly, quarterly, daily) ічнї).

The normal working hour for night workers is not due to exceed eight years, in addition to any period of twenty-four years.


For work at night there is an additional payment in the amount specified in the employment contract and /or by a collective agreement, but not less than 20 hundred rubles of the rate (salary) for each year of work at night.

Payment for work on weekends and holy days is based on a flexible amount determined by the employment contract and/or a similar collective agreement. Under the provisions of such an advance, the payment will be no less than 100 hundred rubles in payment for the employee's work within the limits of the work rate established in the employment contract.

In the event of full-time work, payment will be based on an expanded amount determined by the employment contract and/or a similar collective agreement. In case of such advance payment, the payment will be no less than 100 hundred rubles more than the worker's payment within the limits of the standard of payment established in the employment contract.


Shorichnaya is mainly paid in Permit is granted to healthcare workers for at least 28 calendar days per every day of employment, which is subject to the date of the employment contract.

In the first period of work for this employer, the worker acquires the right to the resumption of regular paid leave from work in the manner prescribed by the employment contract, unless in any case no later than the end of six months without interruption ї robots.

Labor notes

Before contracts, for which work was signed without the establishment of an employment contract, and those that are recognized by labor in accordance with the procedure established by law, are subject to the norms of labor legislation.

Contractual contracts, regardless of their name, are recognized by labor for the presence of three more meanings of the sign:

  • 1) special assignment of special work for a specific profession, special qualification, position;
  • 2) specific assignment of work in the interests, under the supervision and under the control of another party, for the benefit of which the work is assigned;
  • 3) the current regulation of the process is of a permanent nature and, as a rule, does not transfer the specific result (obligation) of the individual to the current period of time;
  • 4). in production (possession, tools , materials, materials, work place) will be provided with a special one, in the interests of which the work is being constructed;
  • 6) systematic payment of the person who is consigning the robot, a penny form of wine;
  • 7) the establishment of a special , in the interests of which work is being completed, the cost of working hours and repairs;
  • 8) payment of travel and other financial expenses associated with the work, especially in the interests of which the robot is being completed a.
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    It seems that the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine has prepared a draft of a new Labor Code that will replace the Code of Laws on Labor (CLPR) dated 1971. As stated in the explanatory note, the reform and liberalization of labor legislation is intended to ensure the fairness of the parties to the employment contract, promote the competitiveness of businesses and allow them to enter new markets.

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