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Finland will be at the border with the Russian Federation to be more strengthened against illegal immigrants, as planned

The Finnish border service was expected to increase the number of time-hour obstructions for escaping the illegal fence at the cordon.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as reported by Yle.

The commander of the headquarters of the Finnish border service, Kimmo Avonen, was pleased to clarify the exact location of the removal of the fence and its external view d.

Time hours enclosure They will be based on a special drill according to the standards of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO). So the title is “NATO Dryt” – this is the most valuable metal drite with thorns, the lowest one. After the cordon was closed last spring, barriers with such material were erected at checkpoints.

Merezhevyi Director of the Center for Hybrid Competences Jukka Savolainen noted that such changes are necessary, and “the similar border of Finland is potentially stronger than the Mediterranean.”

The strengthening of the building is planned as well And winter – on the beginning of spring. At the spring of last year in the city of Imatra, three kilometers of trial parking of this type were completed. In ancient Karelia, temporary fences are often erected in places where permanent fences are planned.

Zagalom, between 2023 and 2026, at the end of the last congress of Finland, 200 kilometers of permanent fence will be built at a cost of 380 million euros.

< p>At the same time, it’s unlikely that the prickly one will dry up, or there will be other barriers information from the same converging cordon of Finland and Russia. The end of the land border between the powers will be 1300 kilometers. About 70% of the border is made up of conifers or forests, and 10% is made up of water resources, lakes and the sea. This is a sparsely populated region.

Closing the border between Finland and Russia

On the 30th of leaf fall 2023, the government of Finland closed all checkpoints at the border with the Russian Federation. This resulted in a large number of illegal migrants who were trying to get to Finland.

On the 13th, two checkpoints were restored, but within a few days they were closed again through a new gate migrants.

On the 11th, Finland plans to continue the closure of borders with Russia for another month. The cordons in front will be closed until 11 p.m.

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