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Israel wants to control security in the Gaza Strip after the war

Unfazed by calls from the US side, Israel is pushing for security control at Zakhidny Berez and the Jordan River That sectors of the gas in the Maybutnoma pixl viyni, one not wait on the palestinsky autonomini palestinsky.

About the pronouncing prem'r-miniger izraaa nyshyamin netanyagu, yields of RBK-Ukrainian on Bloomberg.

p>”This is obov'yazkova's intelligence, and she super-emphasizes the idea of ​​sovereignty. The skin of the territory, which we are depriving, becomes a place, intelligence against us could lead to the implementation of greedy terrorism,” Netanyahu told reporters at a briefing on Thursday, 18 september

The Prime Minister informed the United States about his position, and behind his words, he tried to impose reality on Israel in order to harm the country.

“The Prime Minister of Israel is obliged to say “no” – tell your closest friends,” Netanyahu said.

He also stated that Tel Aviv recognizes the civil rule of Ghazi, which “does not preach and does not encourage the weakened power of Israel to send terrorists to Israel.” liu”. He said: “I would be happy if we were able to know the residents of Ghazi to earn money,” insisting that we would not accept the Palestinian Authority.

Recently, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said in an interview with Bloomberg News that the Palestinian Authority is working with US officials on a plan for managing Gaza after the end of the war.

Israel and the United States before the end of the Gaza Strip

Recently, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and other American officials said that a peaceful peace would be impossible without a created power for the Palestinians.

“Israel is guilty of reinforcing the rules that undermine the Palestinians’ establishment and effectively destroy itself,” Blinken told reporters during his visit to Tel Aviv.

Department river manager Matthew Miller told reporters that Israel we can’t solve our long-term problems without help Palestinian state.

“Israel has a historical ability to overcome the problems it faces from the moment it goes to sleep. We believe that the country is rapidly approaching this opportunity,” he said. n.

Israel's war with the Palestinians grouped Hamas

Before the attack on Israel on June 7, Hamas militants killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and stole about 250 people. Over the year, through an exchange of guarantors, the terrorists obtained about 120 guarantors, and Israel obtained a group of Palestinian confederates.

According to the Ministry of Health, which is controlled by Hamas, the legacy of the military operation to Israel in the Gaza Strip, died close to 24 yew. civilians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called three minds to end the war against Palestinian Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

13th Tel Aviv informed Cairo of the plan є start the military operation and establishing control over the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. Recently, Egypt expressed a proposal to Israel about heavy patrolling of the Egyptian side of the cordon by Israeli troops.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on Israel to demand additional harm. to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

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