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The Australian Department of Defense explained why Taipan helicopters are being recycled, as Ukraine requested

In Australia, 45 Taipan helicopters will be disposed of, along with the ones that their country has asked for oristannya Ukraine. A request for their transfer to Ukraine was submitted in 2023.

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, as stated by the Minister of Defense Pet Conroy, writing Breaking Defense.

Following his words, Ukraine sent a request for the transfer of its Taipan helicopters too late, even after the laudable decision about disposal. It is confirmed that the decision on the disposal of Taipan was made in the spring of 2023, so it was taken from Ukraine.

Respect that the decision on disposal was made In order to The Queenslanders died after the Australian military service. The military plans to replace Taipan with American Black Hawk guintocryls.

The disposal of Taipan would cost Australia about 1 billion euros.

“Ukraine has made an official request for the MRH‑90 in breastfeeding, due to well-documented problems with the safety and operation of the aircraft,” the minister said.

Currently, legislators in Australia are promoting the idea broadcasts of Taipan Ukraine.

NH90 Taipan

Medium-sized, dual-engine, high-powered military helicopter. The NH90 is the first production helicopter to be equipped with electronic airflow controls. There are two main options: a tactical transport helicopter (TTH) for military service and a NATO naval frigate-helicopter (NFH).

Previously, ZMI had information that Australia was planning to expand and recycle the helicopter parts Taipan will instead send them to Ukraine. However

Ukraine submitted an official request for the supply of helicopters on April 19, 2023, even though it has documented problems with safety and operation.

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