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Deputy of the Poltava Regional Council Koretsky still has a business in Russia and provides services to the Russian military – investigation

In particular, Koretsky has a hotel near Moscow. The main clients are Russian military personnel and their relatives, since the hotel is located near the location of the military unit. src=”https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/0e9c79439514b68531f06871e0e1873b.png” alt=”Deputy of the Poltava Regional Council Koretsky still has a business in Russia and provides services to Russian troops> /p>Nikolai Koretsky with his son Maxim near the “Forever Alive” memorial in Kremenchug

The owner of one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for the production of municipal special equipment and the current deputy of the Poltava Regional Council, Nikolai Koretsky, has still not said goodbye to business in Russia, including continuing to provide services to the Russian military, according to an NGL.media investigation.

In October 2022, the Ukrainian government officially banned public procurement from companies with ties to Russia or Belarus. The ban applies to companies and entrepreneurs registered in the Russian Federation or Belarus, as well as companies whose beneficiaries are residents of these countries. However, there are entrepreneurs whose connection with the aggressor country is not so obvious, and they are not subject to this resolution.

One of these businessmen is 54-year-old Nikolai Koretsky, a current deputy of the Poltava Regional Council and the owner of one of the country’s largest manufacturers of municipal equipment, Alfatex. This company systematically wins public procurement worth hundreds of millions of hryvnia. At the same time, Koretsky still owns several Russian enterprises. In addition, he owns a hotel near Moscow, where manufacturers of Russian armored vehicles stay.

Koretsky’s business, according to him, began in the 90s with the resale of Kremenchug KrAZ trucks to Russia. Together with his partners, he developed the KrAZ dealer network in Russia. Later, through this network, he began selling trucks from the Belarusian MAZ plant.

Koretsky did not give up Russian assets – his local companies continued to operate after the annexation of Crimea and the seizure of part of Donbass in 2014, and continue to make a profit now – after the full-scale invasion of the Russians. In the declaration of a deputy of the regional council in 2020, Koretsky did not hide his Russian companies, as well as the presence of real estate in the Russian Federation. All these companies continue to operate.

In addition to trade, Nikolai Koretsky also has business in the hotel sector. In 2006, Koretsky founded the hotel ” Rus” in the village of Selyatino, 30 km from Moscow, where Russian Alexander Laponov was hired as director. The hotel with 65 rooms is still operating: spending a night here costs from 2,740 to 3,900 rubles.

It is interesting that in April 2022, at the hotel address, Alexander Laponov created another company, “Hotel “Rus””, where only he is listed as the founder, without Koretsky. However, Koretsky’s older company has not yet been liquidated and even received 15.5 million rubles ($124 thousand) in revenue for 2022.

The village of Selyatino, where the Rus Hotel is located, can hardly be called a tourist destination attractive location. The main clients here are not travelers or vacationers, but Russian military personnel and their relatives. This is due to the convenient location of the hotel near the location of the military unit of the 60th Command Brigade of the 1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District of the Russian Ground Forces.

In the reviews of the hotel you can see that the military really often stay here, as well as representatives of Uraltransmash and the manufacturer of military equipment and ammunition. And in 2017, this hotel won two tenders to accommodate personnel from the 61st Armored Repair Plant.


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