• 02/03/2024 20:49

Russians shelled four communities in Sumy region

During the day, the invaders carried out 9 shellings of the Sumy region.

The Russians shelled four communities of the Sumy region

Consequences of Russian shelling of the Sumy region, illustrative photo

Today, January 19, Russian shelling, Polish communities, Krasnopolskaya

This was reported by the press service of the Sumy OVA.

In total, during the day, the Russians carried out 9 shellings of the Sumy region, during which 31 explosions occurred.

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In particular, explosive objects were dropped from a UAV on the Krasnopol community and they were fired upon with artillery and mortars.

The Miropol community was hit by the occupiers with FPV kamikaze drone.

The Russians hit the Belopolskaya community with cannon artillery and mortars, and the Khotinskaya community with mortars.


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