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The Pechersk court sent businessman Mazepa into custody with the possibility of bail

The court decided that Mazepa could be released on bail of 349.7 million hryvnia.

Court to select a preventive measure for Igor Mazepa

The Pechersky District Court of Kiev chose a preventive measure for businessman Igor Mazepa in the form of detention until February 27. >

This is reported by Public.

The court also decided that Mazepa could be released on bail of 349.7 million hryvnia.

At the beginning of the meeting, prosecutor Victoria Redko filed a petition to recognize the Ministry of Economy as a victim in this case.

At the same time, Mazepa’s lawyer Taras Poshivanyuk filed a petition for video broadcasting of the meeting. He argued that the case had aroused “great public curiosity.”

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However, the judge refused to satisfy this request.

The defense also filed a motion to disqualify the prosecutor, but the judge refused this, and also refused to announce a break to give the lawyers time to familiarize themselves with the case materials.

In a comment to the Public, Mazepa noted that the investigation charges him with “illegal purchase, literally, of up to 2 hectares of land worth UAH 7 million, out of 3 thousand hectares existing on this so-called dam.”

“This is a drop in the ocean. Even if we assume that who committed the crime, some government agencies or, as in this case, claim that this is my crime, this has nothing to do with the bail of UAH 700 million that they are asking for, or to take under guard. Therefore, I conclude that there “smells like something” here,” the businessman said, and added that the production is 10 years old, it was registered in 2014.

However, only in the last 1.5 months the proceedings began to be actively “pedaled” when his neighbors on these land plots “went to prison.”

Lawyer Taras Poshivanyuk noted that Mazepa was charged with “thieves’ article” – Article 255 of the Criminal Code (creation, management of a criminal community or a criminal organization, as well as participation in it).

Mazepa's lawyers also challenged the judge; this petition will be considered by another judge.

The Pechersk court also began to choose a preventive measure for Yuri Mazepa, the brother of Igor Mazepa. His lawyers also asked for a break to familiarize themselves with the case materials and announced the prosecutor’s recusal.

Who is Igor Mazepa and what is he accused of

Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa (born in Kyiv on August 2, 1976) is a Ukrainian businessman and public figure. He is the founder and CEO of the investment company Concorde Capital. Igor Mazepa was a member of the supervisory board of PJSC Ukrsotsbank from November 10, 2016 to August 14, 2018. Mazepa is an investor in the Dobrobut clinic chain, the Goodlife Park cottage town (itself located near a hydroelectric power station) and the Shelest complex, the MakeUp store, the amber business and the Krivoy Rog cement plant.

On January 18, searches began at Cocorde Capital facilities. The company claims that the investigative actions took place without a court order; the door to the business center was knocked down. “They are confiscating all documents that are not related to the case, but related to all areas of Igor Mazepa’s business activity. Personal belongings of employees working in other projects were confiscated,” said a comment from Concorde Capital.

Igor Mazepa himself was detained on the same day at the Ukrainian-Polish border, at the Shegini crossing. The company stated that he had previously often traveled abroad for work and volunteer work, and reported his current trip to investigators and law enforcement agencies because he was allegedly supposed to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos.

In addition to Mazepa and his brother, Two more participants in the scheme were detained. According to the investigation, the founder of the investment company, his brother and other participants in the criminal organization, using corrupt connections in government agencies, illegally took possession of the lands of the water fund on which the hydraulic structures of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station are located.

Back in July 2023, the Office of the Prosecutor General and the DBI reported that they had exposed the leaders and participants of a criminal organization who, thanks to corrupt connections in government agencies, took possession of the lands with the dams of the Kyiv hydroelectric station. According to the investigation, the organization included “well-known investors in the field of luxury housing construction, their assistants, lawyers, architects, land surveyors and other qualified specialists.” Participants in the deal took advantage of gaps in the legal status of the plots. The lands were registered as agricultural purposes, which made it possible to allocate them to citizens of Ukraine. Other participants looked for “dummy people” through social networks who, for money, agreed to sign documents allocating land to them as private property. Most of them were students of educational institutions in the capital, who were misled and agreed to the offer due to their difficult financial situation.

On November 29, 2023, members of a criminal organization who illegally took possession of more than 7 hectares of land were exposed and detained , on which hydraulic structures of critical infrastructure are located – the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Station.

The criminal organization included almost two dozen defendants. These include well-known investors in the field of luxury housing construction, their assistants, lawyers, architects, land managers, other qualified specialists and representatives of government agencies. Mazepa’s suspicion was announced only in January. Concord Capital connects the case against its founder with the fact that he resisted law enforcement pressure on the business.


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